Claire is an amazing Astrologer & Tarot card reader. She did my solar return & natal chart, and considering, I wasn’t sure of my exact time of birth, she, after chatting with me a little further, was able to pin point it pretty accurately, which in turn gave me great insights to what was coming up for me. Claire was spot on, and when I played back the astrology reading, I could feel the intuitive connection resonating in her voice. She is very gifted and knows this subject matter inside out, but doesn’t overwhelm you with technical speak when she interprets your chart. Her clarity and beautiful soul make you feel comfortable right from the get go!!

Debbie A. Anderson, Canada, creator of the Vibrational Energy Decks, Clairvoyant & Spirit Communicator www.Vibrational-Energy.com

You gave a reading on my son. He wasn’t doing very well at the time, delivering sand and cement for a Landscaping Company.
Your reading said, ” not to worry about him, he would do something with his hands of a practical nature”. He left that driving job. Put himself through Technical College and Night School gaining all the qualifications needed to become a Plumber and Heating Engineer. He has been very sucessful in that field, and now has a senior position with acompany, as a projects manager, supervising all their projects. Thank you for your in-depth reading, all you said has come true. 

Mrs .C.P. Norfolk,  England


I was very sceptical when I came to see you but there was no way you could have known the things you told me.I will certainly have another Tarot Reading or even get my chart done.
Thank you.

I. Spence, Kohukohu, NZ


I spent many happy weeks on Claire’s Astrology Course. Star Club we called it. We started at the basic how to build a star chart, working on our own to begin with. We learnt how to use the Ephemeris, where to put the Planets on the chart, the Nodes and so on. It was fascinating to discover so much about oneself and so much that was accurate about events in one’s life.

Claire had old charts for us to work on too and told us who they were after we’d worked on them and built up a picture of the person. That was an eye opener, we found so much of what was known about them there, in their charts. There were charts for Henry V111, Elvis Presley, Twiggy, to name a few. As we progressed we delved deep into Partnership work and Health, Travel, Personal Appearance, Children, Finance and, one of my favourites, Arabian Parts, all using the alchemy of maths and the motion of the Planets.

I found that the more we studied the more there was to study, Astrology is a life time’s study.
I enjoyed every lesson, there was laughter and tears and gossip and cake. Learning a fascinating subject and having a good time, perfect.

Liza Goddard, England

Thank you so much for my Tarot Reading last week. You really hit the spot. I asked Mum about the man that came through, everything you said was right and the refund was in my post when I got home!

You have helped me make some big decisions, just the kick up the pants I needed. I will be recommending you; highly. Thanks so much

Mary S. Willard, Heathfield, East Sussex, UK