I conduct Tarot and Astrological chart consultations that are private and confidential. All  readings are face to face, via Skype or by ‘phone. As a medium, any spirit communication during your reading will be joyfully passed to you too.

Tarot Consultations

Tarot readings are available in person, by Skype or by phone. They  last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and are £1.20 (GBP) per min. Please CONTACT ME to book an appointment. Payment can be made through Pay Pal.

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Astrological Chart Readings

For all Astrological chart readings I will need your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. Prices start at £100 (GBP). Please CONTACT ME for more information or to book a reading. Payment can be made through Pay Pal.

Natal Chart Readings –  discover your personality, strengths and weaknesses, purpose in life and so much more. A natal chart is like a mirror, the more you look the more you see. Learn more about yourself or others, in order to get the very best from your life. It would be silly to buy a grand piano if you haven’t got the talent!

Solar Return Readings – concentrate on the year between one birthday and the next; to give an insight as to what that coming year holds.

Progressed Chart Readings – show where your natal planets have moved to now and how this has changed you or is affecting you and your life.

Transits To Natal Chart – show how the current planetary movements are impacting on your life, bringing opportunities, hurdles and chances to revamp/realign/remodel (or not) all the areas of your life.

There are many other types of chart I.e., relationship, past life, health; please CONTACT ME for more information regarding your specific areas of interest and for fees. Prices start at £100 (GBP)

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Astrology Courses / Tutoring

I have taught at many different locations including The Arthur Findly College for Spiritual Development, in Essex, England.  I am available for tuition on a one-to-one basis or in groups; teaching the Tarot, Astrology and Spiritual development. Please contact me for availability, fees and more information.

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Over the years, I have written various types of articles including many horoscope columns, for both large and small  publications; from national glossies to local magazines. I even had a    Dogstrology  column and was an agony aunt for dogs (well, their owners!) for Dogs Monthly magazine in the UK; which I enjoyed immensely. I am always willing to write more, contact me.